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One of the many lessons I have had to learn on this journey through life with Jesus & Sobriety. Is that, at first I kept feeling like I had to some how make up for past things & earn back God’s grace & mercy. I would litterly exhuast myself tying to do LOTS of Good deeds for others, spenting “X” amount of time in prayer &” X” amount of time in Bible Study, ect…

Now Don’t get me wrong, those are things we SHOULD do as Jesus Followers. However, we should do them out a response of Love & Obedience to God. NOT doing them to gain something back from Him! You see, I quickly got caught up in trying to let my productivity & deeds determine my worth & my way to God’s grace. Thus leaving me feeling inadequate! Forgetting all the while, that His Grace is FREE because of JESUS’ SACRIFICE on CALVARY.

So if you have ever felt that way or are currently feeling like you have something to make up to God. Let me tell you right now…those feelings are NOT from our Loving Jesus. They are lies from the Devil to keep you exhausted, weighed down & feeling inadequate.

HE LOVES YOU IN WHATEVER STATE YOUR IN! The beautiful thing about our Jesus, is that He FREELY gives us His Love & Grace. We have NO way of earning it! So when you come to Him at any point in your life(whether your a new or old believer) & humbly ask for forgiveness. It’s forgiven & over! You don’t have to make up for anything with Jesus. He forgets & see you where your presently at, a newly forgiven  & Beloved creation of His❣