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This year my family has decided to do the ugly sweater thing & have a competition. I went to every thrift store in my area looking for 2 ugly/funny sweaters that I could make even more silly. I ended up finding one for Andy, my hubby but could not for the life of me, find one that would work for myself. After a day of sweater hunting , I had decided to get a plain one & decorate with a blank canvas. It all started to come together after I found some funny ornaments & bells at the dollar store.

As I was thinking of how I wanted to put this together, the Holy Spirit quickened something in my heart. Just like me putting all these unnecessary embellishments on a perfectly untainted & clean sweater. That is what we do as believers sometimes, we take that clean sweater which is our hearts & fill it up with unnecessary junk that is sin. That is why we needs God’s love, grace and mercy. Once you realize that you have tainted your once clean heart ,be quick to repent & ask God to forgive you. He will meet you in that place of repentance & cleanse you once again. Then you can continue on the journey He has mapped out for you feeling refreshed & even more aware of the state of your heart than you were before.

By Ruth Griffith