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I want to encourage you to try something a little out of the box when it comes to how you view Speaking the Word of God. Try Thinking & Imagining the Word of God like a “Hammer”;

•This “Hammer”, can drive home a nail = positive results.
•This “Hammer”, can also break down obstacles = overcoming negatives.

You see, there is such Supernatural Limitless Power in the Spoken Word of God, especially when Spoken in faith. As you bring down that “Hammer”/ speaking God’s Word faithfully, all kinds of positive things will begin to transpire in your heart & mind. You may also even start to see some of the obstacles & opposition you have been facing begin to be broken & overcome.

I will tell you from personal experience, that by bringing down that “Hammer” / Speaking the Word of God in Faith, your spirit will be ministered to by our Heavenly Father through His Holy Spirit. Resulting in the Rejuvenation of your strength & Renewing of your Hope. I pray you will open your heart in faith to receive all the Lord has for you, as you Speak forth His Word & tap into His Unlimited resources!