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*PSALM 74: 16-17*

16)Both day and night belong to you; you made the starlight and the sun. 

17)You set the boundaries of the earth, and you made both summer and winter.


Fire is a wonderful thing-especially when cooking food or keeping warm. Unfortunately, if a fire gets out of control in your home or the forest. It can be Devistating. The flames quickly consume everything in their path.

To avoid such disasters one must establish boundaries for the fire. Like a suitable fireplace or fire pit, where the fire can be easily managed. Likewise, boundaries set in your life help keep the relationships & other areas from becoming damaging. That is why God gives us His laws & precepts in the Bible to follow & obey. So don’t be afraid of His laws, they are there to keep you safe. God is such a loving God & wants to see you flourish & thrive!

Adapted by Ruth from the book “Moments of Peace in the Presence of the Lord