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 *PSALMS 16:8* NIV

“I keep my eyes always on the Lord.With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”
In trying to multitask the other day, I had made up a batch homemade granola & placed it in the oven to cook.  I then quickly jumped into a some house cleaning. For a few minutes I thought I was doing quite well at going back & forth keeping an eye on the granola. Realizing it only had a few minutes left to cook. I thought I could wrap up the cord on the vacuum real quick before the granola would be done.
It was in that 2 minutes it took to put the vacuum away that my granola had completely overcooked & burned. This silly incident got me thinking. How often do we as believers take our eyes off of what’s most important? That is our relationship with Christ & keeping our eyes on things above.

It’s in those brief moments we look away that the devil likes to sneak his way into our lives. He would love nothing more than to cause things in your life to become like burnt pieces. Like our attitudes to sour, our hearts to become heavy with worry & our minds to feel overwhelmed. We tend to want to multitask when it comes to things of Lord. But the simple truth is that we can’t & shouldn’t even try.

Thinking that we try & fit God in if our schedules permits, like we do most things on our to do list & that we will have time for Him later. This is a cleaver tactic from the devil to get you to look away. Then before you know it the day is gone & you barley even acknowledged the One who is giving you your very breath.

The devil is out to deceive & destroy you, so it’s vitally important that you not look away. Keep in communication with the Lord throughout your day. He is always there just waiting on you to talk to Him.

By Ruth Griffith