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“For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.”

One of the things I strive for every day as a Jesus Follower & Daughter of Christ, is to keep my focus on Him continually & yield to His creative work in me. However, I am human after all & by no means am even close to being perfect & there are days I fall short. On those days, I ask forgiveness & thank Him for His mercy. Knowing He has a specific & special purpose for my life, I get back up (Straighten my Crown) & TRY AGAIN.

The part I personally struggle with at times when yielding to His creative work in me, is not trying to speed things up. For I am such a task oriented person & want to Efficiently but Quickly get things done to get to where I am going. So I have to remind myself this journey through life with the Lord & walking in my Calling is a marathon NOT a sprint. Every step I take with Him is molding me more & more into the woman He created me to be. Keeping that in mind, helps me to just breath when I start to get exhausted & reminds me to not try to run so fast. Because, God is using me right where I am at & to enjoy this God paced tempo for my life!

So if your like me and want to hit the gas petal to get to where you think God is taking you or where you are wanting to take yourself. I encourage you to Stop & Breath, allowing God to set the pace for you. Because when you do, you will get a lot less exhausted along the way! Trust me on this one. When you allow Him to set the tempo, life gets a lot less exhausting & you can enjoy more of the place He as you in right now!! For you too Have a Divine Purpose that you can live out Everyday as you obey & follow Christ!

By Ruth Griffith