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If your in need of some motivation & energy. And lets be honest who doesn’t need some energy & motivation now a days with so much on the “to do” list! Here is Great Essential Oil blend recipe I made that promotes Confidence, Energy, Creativity & Motivation!

Start with a 10-15 ml roller bottle (I recycled an empty orange bottle I happened to have on hand at the time.) Then add these Essential Oils to the empty bottle.

*Here a just a few of the MANY benefits of each oil!

4 Drops Black Pepper ~ fights mental fatigue (side note… it’s Great for fat burning & is metabolism boosting as well.)

4 Drops Lime ~ helps improve your memory & supports the lymphatic system

4 Drops Orange ~ energizing, uplifting, reduces anxiety & is a mental stimulant

2 Drops Basil ~ fights chronic fatigue, relaxes muscles, helps relieve headaches & is uplifting

4 Drops Tangerine ~ helps calm, reduces stress, aids in learning & memory, promotes feelings of happiness

2 Drops Frankincense ~ aids in fighting mental fatigue, helps mental clarity, is grounding & improves emotional support

Now swirl the oils together in the bottle in a circular motion to synergize them together. Then, top off the roller bottle with a carrier oil of your choice. For this blend I used Sweet Almond Oil. Turn the bottle gently back and forth to mix.

Roll this blend on the inside of wrists, temples, behind the ears or any other of your vita flex points. Enjoy the Boost!

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