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As I read this quote it really hit home for me. There have been times on my journey with Jesus that I had just moved out of my way, a GREAT BIG, TREACHEROUS mountain. Only to find my self just a short time later, flooded with UNTRUE & NASTY lies from the enemy that would begin swirling in my mind. Creating a mountain of insecurity & self-doubt that would appear out of nowhere, stopping me in my tracks.

That is when the Holy Spirit would intervine. Reminding me to MIND MY THOUGHTS. Directing me back my FAITH in the ONE WHO IS THE ROCK ON WHICH I STAND! Back to the ONE WHO had just helped me move a mountain only moments before.

So today, if you have a mountains that is in front of you. I want to encourage you to be mindful of what your thinking about. For our thoughts dictate how we see, react & respond to life. Allow the Holy Spirit to direct your thoughts back to the MAKER & PERFECTER of your FAITH! Then ask the Holy Spirit for help to let your Faith do what it does best, instill a deeper Hope & Trust in the Loving Savior who takes care of it ALL & holds you safely in HIS hands !