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*Psalms 123:1 NLT*

“I lift my eyes to you, O God, enthroned in heaven.”


When you set your focus on Christ you’ll notice your mindsets & perspectives start to change. You’ll start to filter & see every situation through eyes of the Lord. Even difficult ones.

Because nothing is impossible for God. He can take Every circumstance & use it for your good & His glory. When your focus is fixed on God you’ll see how every challenge you face is an opportunity for you to see His mighty work in your life!

Unfortunately, sometimes we can loose our focus. Especially when difficult things in life are happening to us. We suddenly start to wonder,”God, where are you?” The fact is, that God has not left or forgotten about us. Our focus has shifted & we need to turn our attention back to Him! Because He is the only one that can really solve our problems & give us peace!

Adapted by Ruth from the book “Moments of Peace in the Presence of the Lord