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*PSALM 144:4*

“Man is like a mere breath, his days are like a shadow that passes away!”


What a thoroughly Blessed Christmas it was this year. As I get older, I realize how truly special & invaluable somethings are in this short & fleeting life. Like still having my Loving Grandparents around, the laughter of younger additions to our ever growing family, having most of my siblings join us for the holidays & having parents that are still in love after weathering through some of the toughest storms 2 people can go through in this life.

What this last year & a half that I have been walking with the Lord has taught me. Is that you never know what tomorrow holds. Sometimes tomorrow may bring some good & other days it may bring some bad. But no matter what it brings, continually be thankful for what is in front of you & what you have. Because even in the bad, the Lord is still there with you, working it out according to His will. Don’t take precious moments with those you care about & love slip by without being truly grateful. For in just a blink of an eye it could all change.

By Ruth Griffith