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Today was truly the Best New Years day I have ever had! My whole adult life I had always thought that I needed booze or drugs to have any kind of fun or get any fulfillment. Boy, was I so wrong! I never could imagine a sober life that was actually enjoyable. I know now, that I thought and believed that way for so many years because of lies from the devil. Those lies held me captive for far too long in a miserable drunken state. They kept me blinded from the beautiful truth that a free, fun & exciting life is actually one that is found in the Lord Jesus Christ. Now that I have found that sweet freedom that comes from my relationship with Jesus. I did things today I would have never thought I’d ever want or desire to do. Things that the old me would have scoffed at.

I woke up today with NO hangover for starters. This is the 2nd time as an adult that I have rung in the New Year Sober. That in itself was pretty amazing to me & made this day pretty awesome just with that. Not to sound conceited, but I am pretty proud of myself & thankful for the strength God has given me to remain sober for another year. The second thing I did that made this New Years the best, was fill out a Life Planner. I have never done anything like life planning before. It was very eye opening. It walked me through everything from the lessons I learned over this last year & things I want to work on / change. To picking a specific word & a scripture for myself this year.  It even guided me through goal setting / planning & what steps I am going to take to help me achieve those. All done in a Biblical Inspired way. Waking up sober & saved, then arming myself with a sense of self & direction from the Lord. I am so ready to take on this year with the most mental, emotional & spiritual strength that I have ever had! HELLO 2018, I AM SPIRITUALLY POISED & READY FOR YOU!!!

By Ruth Griffith