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I really do try my best to not take things for granted in this life. But I am however human & there are times as I am going about my day to day activities that it happens. For me recently, it was a seemingly simple phone call from my Mom that I didn’t think much of at the moment. Its was shortly after hanging up with her that the Holy Spirit reminded me of how special some of the littlest things are, like that call. I was immediately overcome with immense gratitude & thankfulness, that not only do I have a wonderful relationship with my Mom, but the fact that I was able to pick up a phone & hear her voice.

My Dear Husband having lost his Amazing Mother to cancer a few years ago, no longer has the luxury of picking up a phone hear his Mothers voice. Knowing this, was why I was so touched in my spirit about being able to still have a conversation & hear mine. So when the Holy Spirit reminded me that something I tend to take for granted is something my husband will never be able to experience again. I deiced to make more a conscious effort to thank the Lord for all the seemingly small things like simple phone calls with loved ones. To make sure when I speak to them that they know how much I love them & truly value being able to talk with them.

Take a moment today & just thank God for those loved ones who are still here with you. Let them know next time you speak, how thankful you are to be able to hear their voice & how grateful you are to have them in your life. Because life is so short and gone so quickly! It only takes but a second to say I love you before hanging up!


*Dedicated to my Mother in Law Karri ,who is in Heaven & watches over Andy & I is Greatly Loved & Missed*

By Ruth Griffith