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*PSALM 84:10* AMP

“For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand [anywhere else]; I would rather be a doorkeeper and stand at the threshold in the house of the my God than dwell [at ease] in the tents of wickedness.”

*Soul Snack*

One of the many Wonderful things the Bible tells us that God is, is that He is our home. What does that mean that God is our home? Just as most of us see our home as a place of rest & comfort from the outside world. The Word of God tells us in Psalm 84:10, God is our home. Dwelling the in the presence of God is where we can find the greatest blessings. The blessings of His peace when we are anxious, joy when we are distraught, rest when we are weary & comfort when our heart is aching.

When you spend time every day with God through prayer, in His Word or in worship. You will find yourself in the mist of His presence. Which is the most marvelous place you can ever be in life. When you are with Him, it is as if you are Home. After you experience what its like to truly be in His courts/presence there is no other place that you’ll want to be. Your spirit will long to be home whenever you get off tack & the Holy Spirit will guide you back home. Safe & sound in His presence once again!

By Ruth Griffith