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*PSALM 115:1*

“Not us, O Lord, Not us, but to your name goes all the glory for your unfailing love and faithfulness.”


What kind of giver are you? Do you give to get praise or affirmation from others or do you give to bring glory to God & be a blessing. Without the Lord leading & guiding, us our giving can be quite selfishly motivated. There was a time before I knew the Lord that I was so broken and hurting. That I would do anything to comfort myself. A lot of those times it was by making and giving things to people to get their praises and affirmations that I was worth something.

The bad part of seeking others for that kind of comfort, is that it is fleeting. Their praises only last for a moment before you’re left feeling empty & broken again. But when you’re in Christ, His love & peace constantly surrounds you. His Spirit is always there to comfort you even on the hardest of days. When you’re in fellowship with Him, you’re no longer alone. There is no need to self soothe or get praises from others to affirm your worth. Knowing that Jesus love you & is your constant comfort.

From now on when you give to others, give purely. Only seeking to be a blessing & bring glory to God. This kind of giving is the kind that points people to Christ & His Love for them. Letting His light shine through you, will not only bring glory to God & bless others but there is a blessing for you as well in givng selflessly!

By Ruth Griffith