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*ROMANS 14:12* NLT

“So then, each one of us will give an account of himself to God.”

*Soul Snack*

Did you know God requires accountability for the actions & the choices we make? As a Follower of Christ being accountable for our behavior always comes with a choice. That choice may not always seem like a pleasant or easy one, & rarely it is. But when the decisions we make are based on the Words of the One Who created us. There is a deep satisfaction & joy that grows in our spirit through our obedience to listen to His Word & make choices according to it.

Everything the Lord ask or requires us to do pushes us to grow. It takes us from childhood to an adult both mentally & spiritually. The attitude we have while making these choices that are in front of us every day is vital to our growing process in the Lord. Because having the right attitude when being accountable to God brings purpose into our day to day existence. It is literally choosing Life! We don’t have to worry about being bogged down with guilt or remorse when we seek Him & His Word in our decision / choice making. Because life is all about choices & the account we have to give to Lord for them. I pray you will allow the Holy Spirit to lead & guide you in His Truths as you make choices throughout your day.

By Ruth Griffith