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After being moved about 3 weeks now. I am finally figuring out my new routines & rhythm to this new  life here in OKC. For the first time in over 15 years I feel so at home & like I belong somewhere. I truly feel I am walking in the path the Lord has laid out before me. And coming from where I came from its the most peaceful & refreshing feeling in the world!!

Today I was able to find my particular Rhythm in the kitchen once again.(Which is one of my favorite happy places.) These last 4 months were quite hard while we were trying to sell our house & move. For most of them I had my Kitchen stuff all packed away & Andy was having to work away from home during the week. So I didn’t get to do much cooking other than for myself. Now It’s especially wonderful having him home in the evenings so I can cook for him again & be in my element!! 

Being here in OKC has truly been a dream come true for me. The Lord had blessed me beyond measure for sure. And I will Praise Him with my life song every single day!!