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*PSALM 50:15*

“And call on Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall honor & glorify Me.”

I am sure most of you have probably heard it 100 times before, but I am going to tell you again & from experience. THE LORD GOD IS A GOD WHO CAN & WILL DELIVER YOU! The most beautiful part about that fact is that He doesn’t just do it once. He will do it over & over again. We are human & live in a sinful, fallen world. So if you find yourself in trouble of any kind, remember all you have to do is call out to the Lord for help with an open & sincere heart. No matter how big or small the problem or situation, He can & will deliver you. It might not be in a way that you want or think He will, but He will in a way that fits perfectly into His plan for your life.

Lately I had been under an attack on my mind by that pesky devil. He had started to plant some seeds of self-doubt, insecurity & inadequacy. Before I knew it I was starting to question things about myself. From the calling the Lord has placed on my life & the work the Lord has me doing right now, to even my looks. Within a few days of these head games, I quickly realized what Satan was up to. He was trying to keep me from moving forward & doing what I was created to do. To be a beacon of hope & encouragement pointing others to Christ.

Once I caught on to this devilish plan, I immediately cried out to the Lord for His deliverance from this mental attack. Knowing that if I resist the devil he will flee from me. I pressed in even more to the Lord & continued being consistent in my communication with Him even in the midst of the attack. Then the Holy Spirit sweetly eased my crazy head & reminded me that I am Loved, Delivered & Set Free! And sure enough I was delivered & that devil took off with his tail between his legs. Hehe

By Ruth Griffith