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I was recently asked a question about what essential oils that can help with inflammation. Myself being a person with liver cirrhosis. I deal with a few different kinds of inflammation. Some of which I deal with are: internal organ inflammation, GI issues, swelling/edema, joint & muscle pain, lower abdomen & back pain.

Even though there are Numerous oils that have anti-inflammatory properties. I want to share with you just a handful of the many ones that I use regularly & have personally gotten great relief from.

Although these oils have so many other uses & properties. Here is a list of Essential Oils pertaining to various forms of inflammation.

LEMON:  Help detoxify/cleanse your body & flushes it of toxins that lead to inflammation & reduce it. Aids & supports your Circulatory System.

GRAPEFRUIT: Helps activate & supports the Lymphatic System, aids in controlling fluid retention, detoxifies/ flushes toxins out of your body.

LEMONGRASS: Aids in GI/ digestive issues, helps regulate blood sugar & lipids & is a great pain reliever. Helps support & aid your Lymphatic, Endocrine  & Nervous Systems.

CYPRESS: Helps support & aid the Circulatory system, is a diuretic & aids in ridding excess fluids & toxins from the body. Also, helps all types of spasms & is a sedative.

PEPPERMINT: Helps with GI / Digestive issues, Aids & supports the Circulatory System & is a powerful pain reliever.

JUNIPER: Aids & supports the Circulatory System, aids in purifying the blood, helps remove/flush toxins & helps cleanse the GI/digestive tract by removing excess gas.

MARJORAM: Aids the Circulatory System, aids the GI/ digestive tract  & helps with muscle/nerve pain & spasms.

ROSEMARY: Helps with hypertension, aids in mental & cognitive functions which can get hindered due to inflammation. Aids as an antidepressant that can stem from chronic inflammation.

WINTERGREEN: Aids & supports the Muscular System helping with muscle & nerve pain & swelling, helps with hypertension.

FRANKINCENSE: Aids & supports the Endocrine & Nervous Systems. Calming nerves & help easy aches & pains. ( Plus is AMAZING for your skin)

LAVENDER: Aids & supports the Circulatory, Nervous & Muscular Systems, helps calm nerves, helps with hypertension, helps with GI/ digestive issues & is a great overall pain reliever.

EUCALYPTUS: Helps support & stimulate the Circulatory & Nervous Systems. helps with hypertension, helps muscle & joint swelling & pain. Can help calm & soothe nerves.

FENNEL: Aids & supports the Circulatory System, helps with digestive/GI issues, helps with blood clots, helps balance & regulate blood sugar levels, helps with muscle & nerve spasms & pain.

COPAIBA: This oil is a power house! Not only can it help aid & support the Digestive, Nervous & Muscular Systems. When added to any other oil I helps enhance the other oil its added to properties. Its a great pain reliever as well.

You can use these oils individually or as blends. I know some of the oils have some of the same properties, but when combined they can help provide even greater relief.

Here are some that blend well together & I have benefited greatly from:

1) Lemon & grapefruit. ( 1-2 drops are wonderful enhancer to water or juice)

2) I love the taste of Fennel so I just put a drop or 2 under my tongue. I do the same with the Peppermint. ( You can also combine a drop or 2 of peppermint with blends 3 & 4)

3) Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Lavender( Combine 2 drops each to a 10ml roller bottle & top with any carrier oil, such as almond, avocado or coconut. Roll on flex points or areas of inflammation)

4) Wintergreen, Cypress, Juniper & Marjoram.  ( Combine 2 drops each to a 10ml roller bottle & top with any carrier oil, such as almond, avocado or coconut. Roll on flex points or areas of inflammation)

5) Frankincense & Copaiba combine well with all oils. ( If making a roller blend just add a drop or two of one of them to it)

*Essential Oils can be used Topically, Aromatically or internally.  You can view these online at my own Young Living site by visiting:


NOTE: I am by no means a doctor, or oil expert! I am just simply a lady with some medical issues that was looking for a natural way to help with my condition. Anything I write about are based off my own personal research and experience with Essential Oils.