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While Andy & I were at my 6 month liver check up yesterday the Dr. was commending me on my progress. At how well my health has improved by choosing to stay sober & take proper care of my body & liver. And although being a medical professional he would not admit God’s Miraculous Healing in it all but Andy & I both know God is the reason why. He then proceeded to tell us of some very disheartening statistics about people with alcoholic cirrhosis. He said that a staggering 80% of them DO NOT have the will to stop drinking & take care of themselves! Of that 80% if most of them would quit drinking he said, they would have a significant chance at a pretty normal long life. I was seriously blown away by those numbers. That only 20% of those people choose to stop drinking! Oh, how my heart ached for those 80% & their need for Jesus in their lives. And also thankful for my relationship with Him & what a difference having Jesus in my life makes!

I won’t lie choosing to stay sober has not always been easy. But what I can tell you is; my strength to stay sober truly comes from Christ, my personal relationship with Him & the Holy Spirit that  lives within me. I am so thankful for His help as I continue to choose a life in Him & sobriety each & every day! Each day that unfolds holds new sets of greatness & challenges. I am just so thankful to serve a God that is with me through it all. Imparting His strength in me, especially at the times I need it most!