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Today was so beautifully overwhelming! Since I have been under the weather the last few days. I have had all the ladies in my Bible Study send me such lovely prayers & thoughts. One woman even brought me flowers! To be honest I was so moved at the extension of their love & support. But at the same time, I have really struggled the last few days with accepting those heartfelt messages. It has been very difficult for me to accept the outpouring of their gestures. I just didn’t feel deserving of them.

Since I was young I never felt good enough or that I deserved much love or praise. I think, some things that happen to me when I was young has attributed to those mental battles. So now that I am in Christ & have been reborn, I just remind myself of that. I am a new creation that is deserving of love & kindness from others. When I struggle with this the Lord always finds a way to get through to me. Sometimes its a verse, person or countless other ways that He speaks to me. Today it was a person! That person was Andy my helpful teammate & husband. He just reassured me of Gods love for me & that I am a compassionate, loving woman who deserves to accept love & help from others who care about me! The Lord just spoke to me though those words of Andy’s. I took a deep breath, accepted those kind prayers & messages. Then the love from them filled my heart with joy & peace!