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Praise the Lord, for a refreshing day! After 5 days of dealing with an ovarian cyst & some non-related intestinal issues due to my cirrhosis. I was so relieved to wake up today & feel half way human again. I got Andy breakfast & jumped right into a new Bible Study this morning with my trusty little side kick,Mocha! She loves when I read her the Bible! Hehe

Due to my liver condition I can’t take any kind of pain medication. So thank goodness I have a very high pain tolerance & can usually handle A few days of teeth grinding pain. I am human after all though & after about 4 or 5 days, it starts to wear on me. Thankfully God is so FAITHFUL & MERCIFUL, that He always gives me the strength I need exctaly when I need it! It never ceases to Amaze me how God always takes care of me, especially when I start to feel I am at my wits end. So now I can get back up & continue on my merry way, with Jesus holding my hand & guiding me!