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*PSALM 120:2*

“Deliver me, O Lord, from lying lips & a deceitful tongue.”


There are occasions in life, when you’re talking to someone, you feel it –  a sudden pause in your spirit. Something with what they are saying makes you feel uneasy. What is going on? You ask yourself!

Sometimes when you feel a hesitation about others or what they are saying, God may be cautioning you about their true intentions. Old- time believers call that a “check in the spirit”. It’s a divine signal from the Holy Spirit to your spirit, that alerts you concerning some danger or deceit.

Whenever you feel that “Check” in your spirit , I caution you to NOT disregard God’s warning. No matter how convincing the person may be. Pay close attention to those “Checks”. Step back from the situation & watch it unfold. God will usually show you what it is He is protecting you from & You’ll be glad you listened to Him!!!

Adapted by Ruth from the book “Moments of Peace in the Presence of the Lord