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*PSALM 91:4 * NLT

“He will cover you with His feathers. He will shelter you with His wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.”



Life itself is a very complex journey, filled with the sometimes tragic & the triumphant. Where do you turn when the the hard times come? Who will keep you from falling when your eyes are filled with tears & you can’t see in front of you? Who will be  there for you when your family & friends let you down & disappoint you? Who is there in those moments when your heart feels as though it is broken in half? That someone is Yeshua, Jesus Christ!

What does it mean to be covered in His feathers and sheltered with His wings? It means to take cover & rest in the love & mercy He has for you. For God is such a loving God. He wants nothing more than to protect you & be there for you. He has promised to never leave or forsake you. He will walk with you, right by your side as you make your way through this life. You can be confident & rest assured that Jesus will never let you down. He will lift those heavy burdens of a hurting heart & shine a light for your feet as you walk along those dark & lonely stretches. So Submit your life to Him daily, obey His word & let Him be your armor & protection from all you walk through on this beautiful but complex journey!


By Ruth