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*Matthew 6:33* AMP

“But first and most importantly seek ( aim at, strive after) His Kingdom and His righteousness [ His way of doing & being right-the attitude and character of God] and all these things will be given to you also.”



This verse explains righteousness as being,” God’s way of being & doing right.”  Seeking the kingdom means, finding out how God wants us to conduct our lives. When we seek Him & His Kingdom we find out how we are to treat other people. How He wants us to act in any given situation or circumstance. What kind of attitude we should have. Seeking the Kingdom & His righteousness will even help us figure out how we should steward our fiances & what we should watch or even do for entertainment. He will help us make those every day choices that will not only draw us closer to Him, but greatly enrich our lives as well. Making them more meaningful with a sense of balance & reason.

As long as we are here in this fallen world, we must continually resist from becoming like it. It can be a daily battle at times, but the most important thing to remember is, that Jesus holds the victory to the battle. That is why it is so important to keep Him first in our lives and daily seek His Kingdom & righteousness! Then the blessing & peace Christ give you will be immeasurable. Even in the most dire of situations, His peace & steadfastness of mind with engulf you like the warmest of blankets on a cold winters day.

By Ruth Griftiffth