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Because of my Liver condition, I get so many questions about my daily routine. Well, here is what I drink EVER SINGLE DAY as soon as I get up before I eat breakfast. When I don’t use loose tea, here is what I use.
*Note: these are just a few of the many healthy attributes in these things, but these are the ones that help me😊

DANDELION TEA:  Detoxifies the liver & kidneys, supports healthy digestion, reduces inflammation, natual diuretic, regulates blood sugar levels & blood pressure, antioxidant.

TUMERIC TEA: Promotes healthy digestion, reduces inflammation, cleanses & detoxifies the liver & blood, promotes proper blood circulation, boost immunity.

LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL: Supports lymphatic drainage/system, cleanses & purifies the entire  body, immune booster/support, digestive aid & helps with colic pain, energizing & uplifting.

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Thanks, Ruth