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*PSALM 121:1-2*

1) “I look up to the mountains- does my help come from there?”

2)“My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven & earth.”



Answers to some questions in life are difficult to find. Why are you here & what is your purpose in life? Why is the life of a child cut short? Why does a young decent man in his prime get cut down? Why must a young mother car for her children alone? Why do evil people prosper? Why does the ravages of war never seem to to end? Ect…

While you may never know the answers to these questions or the thousands of others that are drawn from circumstances in your life & the life of those around you. There is one thing you can rest in the knowledge of – that is knowing that God’s intentions for you are always good. As you trust in the Lord & let Him lead you. You can have peace through all the questions you face in this life by placing your hand & your hope in His great wisdom & love for you!


Adapted by Ruth from the book “Moments of Peace in the Presence of the Lord