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You have a choice!! You see, with every person that is brought into our life, we meet, encounter or interact with, we are given a choice. The choice of using a kind word or an unkind one, being nice or being unkind. You can either choose to embrace kindness & kind words or reject it. You can choose to be like Jesus & let His love flow from your lips or you can choose to be like the world & be harmful.

I urge you to pause for a minute & really think about that. Please take your time & choose wisely, because you never know how your words will impact someone else’s head or heart!

I had a BEAUTIFUL first hand experience of this play out in my own life recently. The last few weeks since I have humbly walked into a leadership position. That pesky devil has been bombarding me with thoughts & feelings of inadequacy & insecurity.

After lots of praying & pressing forward. Some lovely women from my Bible Study group at different times this last week, had reached out to me. Not even knowing how I was feeling, they said some of the KINDEST & MOST UPLIFTING WORDS that my heart needed to hear.

Those simple but KIND, JESUS inspired words, helped fortify what the Holy Spirit was telling me. That I am enough & keep doing what God has called me to do! They choose kind Jesus inspired words to speak into my life & those words continue to resonate through my heart & mind, filling me with strength & peace!