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The Lord never ceases to Amaze me at His timing. A few months prior to our move a few weeks ago. I had felt like everything was at a standstill. It was like I was neither here nor there for months while we were trying to fix up & sell our house.

It wasn’t until about a month before the move that the Holy Spirit told me everything was IN God’s timing & while I felt stuck. God was really putting people & things in place for my new season of life. Once I finally let that sink into my spirit. The perfect peace that comes from God, consumed me. I then rested assured knowing the Lord was putting it all together. 

Then to my Amazement. Once we got moved, God’s Divine appointments started to unfold in our lives. From the Moment Andy & I had got to Oklahoma City. The Lord has put the exact people we need & that needed us in our lives. From the staff at our appartment complex to the leaders of our Bible Study groups, to Wonderful new friends. 

I have found as I faithfully serve God. He really does go before me & direct my path!