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*JOHN 1: 16* NLT

“From His abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another.”


Did you know, it actually takes some “Training” of sorts, to be able to truly see life how God intended. In a way that you find His blessings in every situation & circumstance you find yourself in. The training I am referring to, is the discipline on a daily basis to seek the Lord, surrendering all that you are to Him & yielding to the leading of the Holy Spirit. It’s His Holy Spirit that dwells within, that gives you the eyes to find those blessings in Everything! One of the many things I have learned on this Amazing journey I am on with the Lord with all the Miracles (physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually) the Lord has performed in my life these last few years. Is to find those blessings every day in everything that comes my way. ( AKA: Finding the Silver Lining)

This last week as I was nursing my husband back to health from being hit with the flu & not feeling so great myself. Even with both of us being laid up sick in the bed . My hubby (Andy) and I were able to truly be joyful & give praise to God. Thanking Him for the plethora of blessings that were right in font of our eyes. The fact that we have the each other to experience this “in sickness & in health thing” with & can pray for each other. To all the bills being paid, groceries in the fridge, a cozy roof over our head. To our Adorable furry babies that gives us so much loves & cuddles when we are not feeling well. Hehe The list of blessings are countless!

I share this with you, to hopefully encourage you to seek the Lord daily. That you would continually invite & allow His Holy Spirit to dwell within you. So you too my friend, will be able to train yourself to find those blessings that are hiding in Each and Every Day!! Its when you are able to find those blessing that true joy & contentment from above will flood your soul.

By Ruth Griffith