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“Carry one another’s burdens and in this way fulfill the law of Christ [ that is, the law of Christian Love].


The Holy Spirit has been pressing upon my heart for a few days now. The IMPORTANCE for us as Believers to help one another as we navigate through this life & journey onward in our walk with the Lord. We were not meant to travel through & bear all of life’s burdens alone. Solitude & self-reliance are not from the Lord, but from Satan to keep us from being how God intended. For you see, we were Created to have fellowship & communion with one other. To help strengthen & build each other in the Lord! The Bible teaches us that we are to love one another as Christ loves us. It is out of this LOVE that we are to help carry each others burdens of guilt, sorrow, worry, anxiety & anything else that weighs us down.

Carrying one another’s burdens first starts with prayer asking the Holy Spirit to lead & guide you. Depending on the particular “burden” of the person your are trying to help lighten the load of. Here are just a couple responses & fruits of the spirit to hopefully inspire you next time your helping carry some ones burdens.

PATIENCE: when helping someone who has fallen or gone astray from the TRUTH. Guiding them in Love back to the Heavenly Father.

GENTLENESS: for those who are hurting emotionally. Helping lighten their emotional burden by listening & praying with them.

KINDNESS: for those dealing with guilt. Reassuring them that if they have asked the Lord for forgiveness they are Free from the burden of guilt. For, there is NO CONDEMNATION in Christ. Encourage & speak life to them using the Bible which is the Inspired word of God!

Lets start helping lift those heavy burdens of this life off each others shoulders today. I encourage not to hesitate to reach out to someone if you are in need of a lighter load or be of help to those who may need & reach out to you. If I can help carry YOUR burden in anyway, please feel free to contact me personally through email, private message me through my Facebook fan page ” My Open Journal” or through my CLOSED/ PRIVATE Facebook group page “My Open Journal Group”.

By Ruth Griffith